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Circles And Rings, Dragons And Kings

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time – no, I’m not about the comments on my posts but about Roger Dean’s new book, “Dragon’s Dream”, out now. First mentioned four years ago, it was promised to be made available – lemme quote myself – as a “1,000 signed limited edition boxed sets of all three titles with a signed 32-page book of black and white prints, some handmade”, three titles being “Views”, first published in 1975, and its 1984’s successor “Magnetic Storm”, plus this new book titled then “Dragons Garden” featuring previously unpublished paintings and drawings. Now, there won’t be any box, while the only other book released simultaneously with “Dragon” is “Album Cover Album” that Dean took a part in compiling. Still, one can purchase “Dragon’s Dream” from the aritst’s site, but only if there’s a need for Roger’s autograph: sans the signature, the book is priced at $29.95, with it the book goes for 10 bucks more. Quite expensive for a pen mark, yet this is for collectors. Much more irritating is shipping fee – in my case it’s $35. More than the book itself. So as much as I wanted my money to go to Dean directly, I opted for eBay where the price was about the same yet shipping cost only 5 pounds. So if anybody’s greedy here, that’s not yours truly. More so, I’d have liked to post the news on the site before it appeared on Roger Dean’s pages – I heard it through the grapevine, so to say – and asked his webmaster for details… to no avail. Which brings us back to the problem of spreading the word.

Another subject worthy of returning to is the news on LED ZEPPELIN having decided to not be called so when going on tour without Robert Plant. That’s honest! Still, this is too close to THE DOORS situation. And don’t tell me about QUEEN who are tagged as QUEEN + Paul Rodgers now and have not a cheap substitute for the fallen Fred but a singer whom Mercury himself admired and who’d not been influenced by him.

And while we’re onto this, YES also made a honest decision not to be YES but IN THE PRESENCE – in the absence of Jon Anderson who’s still ill yet will join the colleagues on the road once he’s able to.

New ramblings, later on.



So Little Time, So Much To Know…

…thus quoth the Nowhere Man in “Yellow Submarine”, and he was goddamn right. The day-off is nearing the end, and there’s not so much has been done, save for some home-maintance thing, a language lesson and another review. This time it was the LA’s VOX TEMPUS‘s second album, a bit boring but easy-on-the-ear prog-hard rock programme with the great Gregg Bissonette on drums. It becomes quite a generic thing, and there’s nothing strange as bands like this opt of IKEA-like modus operandi building from the ready-made blocks rather than essentials. That’s why, say, YES, GENESIS and JETHRO TULL were all original whereas – let’s take a nice, melodic example – IQ or PENDRAGON, as likeable as they are, feel like second-rate ensembles. Thankfully, they don’t fall for parody.

Who do are LED ZEPPELIN – but here parody is all moral. The band that originally broke up because they couldn’t imagine themselves being ZEP with one of them absent, now are going to tour without their iconic singer. Robert Plant prefers moving forward to going backwards unlike Jimmy Page who, since 1980, has done nothing original – be it in the company of Paul Rodgers, in THE FIRM, or David Coverdale. Curiously, out of respect to ZEP’s bass / keyboards player, John Paul Jones, the two worked 15 years ago as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, not LED ZEPPELIN, while now, again with only two founding members on-boards, it’s going to be ZEP. Is it the presence of John Bonham’s son, Jason, that gives credibility to the endeavor? Looks like it does – in their eyes, not the fans’ ears. The tour might be successful, yet the thrill is all gone.

But they’re not young, their time is running out, and there’s so little time, you know.