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She’ll Run To Me – Against The Lace

Is it only for the crazy Russian fans who like to see anyone connected to any classic rock bands there were – or will there be more touring for the newly-meld multi-colored super-ensemble OVER THE RAINBOW? The line up – you bet! – features the members of RAINBOW but only two of them previously played in that group at the same time, in 1981-1982: vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and drummer Bobby Rondinelli. There are two decades between the stints of keyboard wizard Tony Carey (1976-1977) and bassist Greg Smith (1995-1997) – but the latter worked with Turner before hooking up with the RAINBOW leading light, Ritchie Blackmore. Who’s to step in for Blackmore, then?

The OVER THE RAINBOW guitarist is, um, Blackmore. Not Ritchie but Jurgen, or J.R., the Man In Black’s son by his first, German wife. Living in Deutschland and a good guitarist in his own right, though nowhere near his Pops, Blackmore Jr. isn’t famous at all yet there’s a name magic involved for the Russians. And the big buck beckons so good at the credit crunch time!

But it’ll be fun nevertheless, ain’t it?