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Freedom’s Overdue

Yesterday, my evening was ruined just because I took a peek at the newly received RENAISSANCE DVD, “Song Of Scheherezade”. Long overdue, as up to now we had to deal with YouTube snippets of the band’s live performances and the DVD by Annie Haslam, the disc is a monster of horribility. The change should have been sensed when the cover artwork has been changed from appealing, with the players pictures on it, to appalling, but even this can’t prepare the buyer to what’s inside.

The footage from both concerts there have been transferred from nth-generation video tape and sometimes gets close to a shadow play. And that’s the visuals. As for the audio part, it’s on par with the picture: no high frequences at all, so we not only don’t hear cymbals etc. – and RENAISSANCE were the experts in dynamics! – but also Annie’s voice sounds like the male’s.

Cherry Red Records may celebrate their 30th anniversary, my ass, but screwing up this DVD buyers, they do it in style. Jerks!



Take It Easy

The latest DVD I received with the prospect of reviewing was Mika’s “Live Parc Des Princes Paris”. I must admit I like the guy, he’s doing a top-notch job in the pop realm, even though there’s too much falsetto for an operatically-trained singer. This is not the point, though; the point is that this is very indicative of today’s music business when an artist with the only studio album under his belt has two live DVDs, the new one a follow-up to last year’s “Live In Cartoon Motion”. Both shows have been taped in Paris, by the way, the first in a club, the second in a stadium. A measurement of popularity growth, perhaps, and the tendency of squeezing the maximum juice of one product. On the one hand.

On the other hand, how many times did we complain of the lack of some historic footage when nobody was around to tape a performance of our favorite band 30 years ago? Why, then, slag off Mika for whom the Parc Des Princes’ show was the first on such a scale? But now, it’s really down to the guy to seriously deliver on the second album and carry on to gain a status which, in 30-years time, will keep his fans happy there is the document of the concert.

As for the review, watch this space.