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Never Say Never, or A Reason To Believe

Many wondered if GUNS N’ ROSES were ever going to release their long-long-long overdue “Chinese Democracy”, many didn’t care. But everyone knew about it, and now it’s out – even under the promised titled. And now there’s trouble. Not so much in China where the album is – of course – prohibited as in the United States. It’s Dr. Pepper who’s in trouble now. Seems the company eggheads didn’t believe in Axl Rose’s potency to deliver and made a stupid promise to supply every American with a free can of soda on the album’s release. Well, not every American – exluded were Axl’s enemy No 1, Slash, and, if I’m not mistaken, Steven Adler. The band didn’t mind Dr. Pepper mentioning them in the press – sure, any ad is a good ado – yet now that the fans are complaining en masse, GN’R are going to shake some court action.

Rightly so, the word is the word, and one must stand by it – especially when it comes to a company this big. But then, Rose and Co aren’t so clean either in the field of promises, making the supporters cross their fingers for so long with a stiffing and hurting effect. Which means there were all the reasons to believe this “Chinese” thing wouldn’t come out at all. Still, never say never: this rule is well-known in the fickle rock ‘n’ roll world.

As for the fans, why did everyone stick out their ear to listen to the potentially false promise and then stick out their collective tongue as if they were thirsty, and line up to collect their drink? The people so foolish deserve to be fooled, ain’t ’em?


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