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If The Stars Were In Their Eyes

Why oh why there are artists whose music can appeal to everyone but who don’t get any support to spread it? I’ve just written a review of Boris Savoldelli‘s new album, “Insanology”, which is just great. The man sings a la Bobby McFerrin but his a cappella style is pure Italian – and for the most part pure pop. A pleasure is to be had there.

I’d like to derive the same emotion from trying to play – trying, yes, as I have no time to devote to this, no matter how I’d like to – the long-awaited PC adventure game, “A Vampyre Story”. Brilliantly designed, classic point ‘n’ click stuff that I love dearly – and humor abound to boot. What’s wrong with it? The absense of subtitles during the cutscenes. My hearing is not the best in the world, what with many years of dealing with music, and English isn’t my native tongue. Usually I understand the most of what’s being said, and it’s the same this time, but what about hearing-impaired out there? More so, the characters are speaking with freaking accents – sometimes not justified by the story. Unfair, what else can I say, especially with the game’s posponing from Hallowe’en to a latter date in order to fine-tune it.

Maestro Salvodelli also sings in English with a bit of accent but then it somehow complements the music not distracts from it. Shooting for the stars requires some brains, you know?


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