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For All To Know

Recently I read a review of John Martyn’s new 4CD box in “Mojo” magazine, and the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was the first when I saw it. I mean, I received the news of the forthcoming release and wanted to post the item on my site, but I’d have liked to illustrate it with the cover artwork. Which I found on Martyn’s site – copyrighted. Well, a sort of: there was the site’s address across the cover, because it was published exclusively on John’s web home. Good for him. Yet how did he hope to promote the CDs if was prohibited to reproduce the artwork? The fans who visit his site would have been interested in the release no matter what, while uninitiated…

That’s the point I often come across with regards to the promo / review copies of new albums. Many artists spread the word among their supporters only while wanting to expand their fan base. How, tell me how? Send the promos to the sites that deal with all kind of artists in your chosen area, that’s the only way for all to know who you are.



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